A is a statement
D is a false statement. This issue was addressed at length at the commission meeting approving the Ordinance.
October 8 climate change and fracking ban
Fracking ban Ordinance North Port
Earle Kimel
Below is the vote on the pool Amendment
Below is the vote on the Main Motion to approve the budget
October 6 police and fire pensions of Cook & DiFranco


Video edits to accompany my Facebook post of 10-1-20

What else to look for: Ms. McDowell's avid attention to what her co-campaigner Jill Luke is saying, while you can note in still shots from below Ms. McDowell's open disrespect of Vanessa Carusone and staff.  Also, by Jill Luke admitting that her staffing of both the clerk's department as well as the city manager's department may cause an "uprising" is clearly an admission of Ms. Luke's willingness to bring multiple lawsuits against city taxpayers by staff who were not favored by Ms. Luke's staffing decisions

These are your elected representatives of North Port that businessmen and heads of corporations see when considering whether to bring their business to the city
Throughout the meeting, P Emrich picked his fingers and dropped the debris onto the table for staff to clean up
McDowell's hostility toward Lear
Luke picking her teeth
Ms. Carusone chowing down. She was absent for a good part of the meeting
McDowell's well-known hostility toward staff
In one of her first meetings in 2017, McDowell attempted to ban plastic bags for citizens but decided to skip the meeting and her agenda item, instead. Soon after this October 2019 meeting, plastic bottles were banned from public machines at city hall
Below and to the left is a series of still shots of McDowell showing hostility and disrespect toward Ms. Carusone as she spoke
Below, McDowell showing hostility and disrespect toward Hanks as her future campaign mate Luke looks on
Original Charter: Powers of the City Commission
New 2018 Charter Replacement: Powers of the City Commission
Original Charter: Citizen Initiatives
New 2018 Replacement Charter: Citizens Initiatives
Original Charter: Departments to go to Referendum for Peoples' Vote
New 2018 Charter: Departments to go to Referendum or Peoples' Vote

September 11, 2019
City of North Port
City Commission
4970 City Hall Blvd
North Port, FL 34286
Please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning from my position as City Clerk as of October 4, 2019. I will not be able to return as expected due to medical reasons. I appreciate the opportunity that was given to me and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. I wish the City of North Port all the best.
Kathryn Wong

Screenshot from this morning 9/23/20
Screenshot from founding charter
Screenshot from 2018 Proposed charter
shall as defined in the city code
Differences between shall and may be were discussed at length on July 11, 2019 
Amber Slayton language for 2018 charter replacement referendum
Amber Slayton language for 2020 Deputy City Clerk referendum
Cheryl's Cook's Resolution for state funding of 
                         pre-platted North Port

  Documents for Facebook post of August 30, 2020.

CIP called P21DWR for urbanization of Dallas White public park [*click here]     

Ordinance 2018-59 [*click here]

Fiscal Year 2015/2016 Second Reading - Budget:

Commissioner Tom Jones: How much will the pool cost and what are the annual operating expenses?

Commissioner Linda Yates: We won't know until we spend extensive time discussing what we want.

Minutes September 22, 2016 Budget Meeting

Vote for Cheryl Cook 

for North Port City Commission District 2

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