Sources for all candidates are:

Sunbiz (use the candidates name in "Registered Agent" section, also look up candidate's name under "fictitious names." for civil and criminal litigation, traffic infractions, home ownership information

Sarasota Property Appraiser's office

You can request their voter history - not how they voted but residency changes, party affiliation changes, et cetera. Ask for the "voter history" as well as their original voter application.

If your candidate has served in an elected position, on a planning board, et cetera, request their Form 1's from Ron Turner's office.

McDowell last-minute absences for her own agenda items, including removing a quorum

"Debbie" McDowell

2020 elections endorsements
Heading 5

Here (click here) is a social media dialogue of Ms. McDowell of her vote to place all increases in health care benefits of city staff onto taxpayers. In the dialogue, you will notice that McDowell cannot explain her vote but refers readers to the powerpoint explanation of the consultant. One of the electeds who voted to approve this is now enjoying these benefits as a city staff member of this item that she approved while she was in office a year previous.

Below, "Debbie" while on the dais wearing a custom Braves jersey, in "negotiations" for the Braves stadium but in her position representing the taxpayers of North Port. Ms. McDowell approved the Letter of Intent at this meeting in Spring 2017. The item Ms. McDowell approved was for $800,000 per year for twenty years of taxpayer money going toward the stadium.  This would have been $16 million taxpayer money.  Later, when Ms. Luke was elected and provided a third vote for approval of the stadium, Ms. McDowell then voted against the stadium expense which was at that time at a cost to taxpayers of almost $5 million.

In spring of 2017, the North Port electeds, including Ms. McDowell, after "negotiating" the original $16 million taxpayer money payoff, all posed on the dais, under the City of North Port seal and United States and Florida flags, bearing the motto "In God We Trust," wearing their custom Braves jerseys. Ms. McDowell stated she could later vote against the binding Letter of Intent, creating litigation which North Port most likely would lose.

As a result of the North Port electeds' "negotiating" skills, in return for taxpayers' almost $5 million, the city is allowed to use the stadium three times per year. Records show the city has used the stadium once since the $4.7 million taxpayer payout to the stadium, that being for the 4th of July celebrations last year. Because of public dislike of moving the fireworks traditionally held at the high school to West Villages, and to cut costs from the use of the stadium, in 2020, the fireworks were held at the high school once again.

Ms. McDowell never filed a G7 expenditure report during her 2016 election, using her campaign funds to transfer monies to unknown individuals. *click here.  


After the public records request, Ms. McDowell slid in a revised version of the G7 report [*click here]  Note on the last page, Expenditures, the date and time stamp. Ms. McDowell was charged a late fee and is appealing the fee.

CANDIDATES Cory Hutchinson, Chris Hanks, Deborah/Debbie McDowell and Andrew Sias signed this pledge.  Deborah/Debbie McDowell, as a sitting commissioner, bought this item onto the agenda in March 2017, as she pledged to the voters of the CDD at Cedar Grove and Plantation in exchange for favorable consideration of their vote in the 2016 general election.  Current cost to North Port taxpayers per year is approximately $400,000. This area, Plantation/Panacea, now receives mowing for the miles of vacant property twice per month.

October 13, 2016 Candidate Carusone


"Let us talk about transparency and honesty.  On October 9, 2016 at 1:15 p.m. I received an email from the Woodlands (Cypress Falls) community development district president, Mr. Roger Underwood.  I believe Mr. Underwood has violated chapter 838. of the Florida State Statutes by attempting to bribe candidates with an endorsement in lieu of a "pledge" to vote to take back their responsibilities for maintaining the (perceived) right-of-way landscape.  As a sidenote Mr. Underwood required a deadline of March 2017 to bring this item back up for discussion and vote.  I have to wonder if this deadline has anything to do with the pending litigation...  I went on to explain how the process of re-platting, a quasi-judicial action, would be required as the plat that was approved by commission did not include the areas of landscaping therefore making them private property...  None of this was good enough for Mr. Underwood, who proceeded to email his residents with half-truths..."


*click here for complete email

Jerry Nicastro

Mr. Nicastro is a new candidate. For information on Mr. Nicastro, please check on Sunbiz, Supervisor of Elections, and

Also, visit his website at

Meeting of January 2, 2020.
Who talks to people like this?

2009 Charlotte County Correctional Institution employment application (No listing on the application of having served in the Marines)

                        Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Page 5  Page 6  Page 7  Page 8

2012 North Port Police Department employment application

                        Page 2 (listing as having served in the Marines, listing having been arrested) 

                        Page 3     Page 4    Page 5       Page 6        Page 7        Page 8 


1982 Secretarial Trade School - Chicago   (Please note length of attendance for receipt of the typing and filing certificate)   


PLEASE NOTE: In order to make sense of Ms. McDowell's mortgages of the Grobe Street property, took hours of work.

8-26-93 Deed.  Owner-held mortgage unrecorded (see separate document)  Grobe Street, Florida

5-16-97 Mortgage  $44,200    

5-21-97  Satisfaction of Unrecorded Mortgage of 8-26-93

6-5-97  Mortgage $7,800

9-16-99  Mortgage $5,250

8-23-01 Mortgage $12,500

9-11-01 Mortgage Satisfaction

10-13-03 Mortgage $62,279.25

11-10-03  Mortgage Satisfaction

11-10-03 Mortgage Satisfaction         

      12-4-03 Heron Creek Middle School Parent Teacher Organization   ​

2-3-05  Mortgage Satisfaction

11-10-03 Mortgage Satisfaction

2-16-05 Mortgage R Street $143,100

         12-20-06 Heron Creek Middle School Parent Teacher Organization dissolved

10-6-14 Subordinate Balloon Mortgage $40,971

       through the Florida Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) Program and the Principal Reduction Program (PRP)   This appears to be the federal         and state versions of the same foreclosure avoidance program.  The program has since been discontinued

7-14-15 Do-Well Painting LLC  (Please see below for pre-LLC status.  Also, see DOC application for "painter's assistant prepping walls" for employment status)


                                         November 2016 Elected to Office *see campaign financials below

2-27-18 Joined board of North Port Coalition for Homeless Needy

       This is the year Ms. McDowell served on the board. All five electeds donated taxpayer money to "Backpack Angels" the year Ms. McDowell served on the board of this organization. Backpack Angels is run out of this organization.

McDowell Form 1's:

            2016    Here  Here      2017     Here  Here     

                           2018  Here     Here

                  2019 signed June 2020 Here


2018 Form 1's, Ms. McDowell continues to work as a server at Perkins and did not disclose her Do-Well Painting LLC.  Form signed on June 6, 2019.  2019 Form 1 will soon be attached.

Above: Ms McDowell uses a false military designation in an attempt to ensure admission into the North Port Police Department

Littering Citation

                 Candidates District 3

Vote for Cheryl Cook 

for North Port City Commission District 2

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