Candidates District 2

Sources for all candidates are:

Sunbiz (use the candidates name in "Registered Agent" section, also look up candidate's name under "fictitious names." for civil and criminal litigation, traffic infractions, home ownership information

Sarasota Property Appraiser's office

You can request their voter history - not how they voted but residency changes, party affiliation changes, et cetera. Ask for the "voter history" as well as their original voter application.

If your candidate has served in an elected position, on a planning board, et cetera, request their Form 1's from Ron Turner's office.

Barbara Langdon

Please see the above references for information on Candidate Langdon. Also, visit her campaign website which can be found at North Port clerk department web page.

Below is Candidate BARBARA

Langdon's web page that you

can link onto.

Resignation of Nancy "Jacqueline" Moore after serving 18 months of a four-year term *click here

October 9 Facebook post on CherylCookforNorthPort: "Jacqueline" Moore

Nancy "Jacqueline" Moore-mission statement below

"Nancy" Moore
Current financials for Candidate Moore

12-9-14 BELOW: Ms. Moore speaking at Sarasota County Commission meeting asking them to enforce development by private property owner of Orange Hammock. Ms. Moore is running and support by Democrats in 2020 

Vote for Cheryl Cook 

for North Port City Commission District 2

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