This is an email exchange [*here] and [*here] between North Port city attorney Mark Moriarty and Alice White. Ms. White and her partners Edie Driest and Cheri Lee - Ms. Moore's campaign manager at the time in 2016 - were attempting to put on a first-ever "on-line forum" with sitting commissioners who were candidates: Cheryl Cook, Rhonda DiFranco, Jacqueline Moore. Some of us were aware this was a set-up and that they were attempting to cause Cook and DiFranco to speak outside of Sunshine so ethics charges could be brought by the Alice White group. Ms. Moore did participate. After successfully helping oust Cook & DiFranco from the primaries, they have not attempted the forum again. Ms. White is again campaigning with candidate Moore and candidate McDowell. Ms. White is a long-time Democrat from New Jersey.

Candidate Cutsinger is a new candidate. Please go to Sunbiz,, and Ron Turner, Supervisor of Elections to find out more about the candidate.

         Here is a link to his web:

Ms. White has a history of filing complaints in Tallahassee against campaigns. Here is an Elections complaint filed by Ms. White against contractors - the Builders Association is again endorsing Ms. White's candidates McDowell and Moore this year [*click here]

The above are yard signs outside Ms. White's home in North Port during the 2016 primary election.  Rhonda DiFranco is and was a lifelong Democrat, Cory Hutchinson at the time of Ms. White's endorsement above was a Republican running against Ms. DiFranco. Jacqueline Moore at the time of Ms. White's endorsement above was a Republican and receiving thousands and thousands of dollars from big developers (see District 2 page for Ms. Moore's financials) and is an avid anti-environmentalist. Ms. Moore pled to the Sarasota County Commission in December 2014, just after her first election, for the county to support North Port into forcing a private property land owner to develop Orange Hammock. (See District 2 page for clip from the meeting.) I was a member of Ms. White's tree club and had fought for years for environmental causes. I was Ms. Moore's opponent. Ms. White is again endorsing Ms. Moore who is again receiving thousands of dollars from big developers.

People for Trees IRS 990's

2003               2000 Sunbiz     

2015               2002 Amendment


It appears that Ms. White is not declaring the income for the Bicycle Tours she puts on every year in the city, and pulls in thousands of dollars in cash

No listing for Ms. White's at-home pie baking company:

Sunbiz here

Sunbiz here

Assuming Ms. White is paying no taxes on her at-home pie baking business. I am not aware of health department criteria for at-home pie baking businesses and whether Ms. White has to follow the same protocol as bricks and mortar eateries.

Vote for Cheryl Cook 

for North Port City Commission District 2

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