Cheryl Cook

for North Port City Commission 2020
District 2
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 Build a better city for a better tomorrow

12-9-14 Video: two weeks after being elected, Jacqueline Moore went to the county to ask them not to help protect Orange Hammock

When Ms. McDowell first begins to speak, she calls police chief Vespia "Mr. Vespia." This is a sovereign citizen/cop hater. Ms. McDowell, now as one of the police chief's most senior bosses, immediately strips the police chief of his official credentials, publicly diminishing him to a civilian.  The agenda item they are discussing is 5B of the November 22, 2016 meeting, Ms. McDowell's second after her election. The public display of disrespect of the police chief, as we soon learn by his resignation followed the next day by a public call by Englewood resident/voter and Ms. McDowell and Ms. Yates' campaign manager and funder, for an FDLE investigation, is to put him on notice that he is not the person she personally wants in that position.  Ms. McDowell has only worked with the chief for two weeks, yet she has decided, not based on what is best for the people of North Port - she has only been in office for two weeks - but based on her own personal value system, that Police Chief Vespia is to be shown public disrespect by her, Ms. McDowell. In 2012, Ms. McDowell attempted to gain leverage over other applicants as a telecommunications officer - dispatch - by falsifying an employment application claiming that she served in the Marines. This is another way a sovereign citizen/cop hater shows disrespect for law enforcement, believing they do not possess the skillset to investigate the application.  


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for North Port City Commission District 2

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